Radio Art, Distinguished by The Times of London

Radio Art was selected by The Times of London to be on the list of the 10 best apps and new digital radio stations.

That’s the news. That’s also an achievement. Chosen by The London Times among thousands of internet radio stations to be on the elite top 10 list is a big thing. It speaks volumes about Radio Art, the selected music, the team’s culture, its entire profile.

While a distinction is a good thing – after all, it showcases excellence, the interesting part is to explore the reasons why The Times of London selected Radio Art. Or, how Radio Art made it to the top – if you want to see it from a different perspective.

Radio Art’s trademark, quality music

Radio Art’s first webcasting was in 2006 and the goals were clear, to inspire, to touch people’s soul, to help them relax. 15 years later, Radio Art follows the same path. The road is not easy, but full of hidden traps in this pompous commercial world, swamped with luring trends. But you know what they say, a route free of obstacles is not worth taking; it leads to no destination.

Quality music becomes the trademark of Radio Art, which sees years of efforts and the price paid for turning the back to the trivial embraced by many. Today, there are listeners in over 100 countries. And here we are wondering: is quality music appreciated by more than we know? Or, is there something different that led to Radio Art’s recognition and recent achievement? Let’s see.

The advantage of Radio Art embraced by The UK Times

Quality music is scarce compared to the ocean of music choices and genres available. But still, the choices are plenty – if you know where to look and what to look for. It all starts with Radio Art’s ultimate goal; it’s the destination that leads the way. Should we dig deeper into the main intentions of the Radio Art team?

The short version is to involve music in any aspect of everyday life. To make quality music an integrated part of life.
The longer version? The team of Radio Art saw beyond scales and notes. It saw music as the means to a better life. Music heals, relaxes, emits nice feelings, has excellent effects on behavior and cognition, helps people express their emotions better, works wonders with both the body and soul. It’s odd, if you think about it. Music is neither tangible nor seen. We can only hear it and most importantly, sense its rhythm. And that feeling alone is enough to improve our health, mental status – our entire life. That’s one main advantage of Radio Art.

Intending to emotional, psychological, and physical boosting, the team of Radio Art chooses music very carefully. To achieve all the above, music must become part of people’s daily life. And so, the music channels cover a huge spectrum of everyday activities. There’s music for every aspect of life, from studying and battling with insomnia to meditating, working out, experiencing pregnancy, and working. There are many channels, covering the best composers of all times, the best voices, the best music.

The cherry on this beautiful cake, called quality music for the improvement of everyday life, Ambient sounds! The team of Radio Art had this wonderful idea: why not mix the amazing sounds of Bach, Mozart, Callas, or Pavarotti with the sounds of the wind, waves, train steam, birds.
The best ideas are quite simple. Wouldn’t you agree? But as Thomas Edison said, “the value of an idea lies in the using of it.”
The Radio Art team behind the scenes took this idea and make it real. Today, there are 50 nature sounds, which can be combined with any music channel for the utmost experience. What’s best than working while listening to Bach and the sound of rain on the roof! Or, doing yoga by listening to stress relief music accompanied by wind chimes!

Radio Art keeps walking

It may take a closer look at how things work and what Radio Art is all about to realize why it’s been chosen for the top 10 internet radio stations list by The Times of London. It’s the team’s persistence in providing quality music. It’s the careful selection of music so it will become part of people’s daily life with the sole purpose of enhancing every moment, healing wounds, making even difficult times better. It’s the capacity to combine such wonderful music with natural sounds. And all that is happening in a very friendly environment, easy-to-use site, while the perks for the premium listeners go further, and the lists of music channels and natural sounds keep getting richer. Just like our souls.

What they say is true, after all. You may work in silence but success will make a lot of noise. Can you hear it?

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